Are you ready to say "bye-bye" to blank page syndrome and "Helloooooo" to...
Endless Email Ideas?
A simple approach to uncovering all
the hidden email ideas lurking in your ("why does nothing exciting ever happen to me?") life!

"I sent out my first email using this format today - and got two emails back saying how much they loved it, and a couple of people shared the email on social media (which with a 300-strong email list and small social following, is a big deal!). 

Who knew that an email about listening to Kenny Rogers, and how that relates to self-compassion and health choices, would be so popular?! 

Thanks for Endless Emails, it was exactly what I needed."

Pick this up today and you'll discover:
* How to generate all the ideas you'll ever need... just by doing what you do best (wait... making vegan frittata blindfolded IS what you do best, RIGHT?)

* Why you DON'T need to be creative or living an exciting life to write emails your subscribers lurve (think your life is boring? You won't once you compare it to my banal existence!)

* "Can you really work this system while sitting on the toilet?"... asked no one EVER! (But you CAN... DAMN! I should really have called it a CISTERN, amirite?)

* The two "resonance filters" you can run any story (yep, even THAT one) through to make sure it strikes a chord with your audience.

* A weird photo of me performing magic
(can one man hold a pack of cards AND pull a contorted face... AT THE SAME TIME? You're about to find out once and for all...)

* The SIX (yes, six!!!) main reasons (and one BIG reason... so I guess that's SEVEN reasons in all) why you need to become a machine

* The "Your move, Noah..." approach
that holds the key to uncovering enough stories for you to write daily emails for the rest of your life (even if you lived to the ripe old age of 37 years old)

* The fundamental (yet non-surgical) mindset shift you'll need to make (and why not adopting it stops you from coming up with great ideas... even when you ARE a creative beast, living the rockstar life)

* The FOUR common pitfalls that will stop you in your idea-generating tracks - FAST (wait... "stop you in your tracks... FAST?" Does that even make sense?? Do you even care?)

* Watch in wonder as I come up with THREE half-baked email ideas from possibly the most boring part of my day (is it "organising my slipper drawer", or "writing 'organising my slipper drawer' on this page"? There's only one way to find out... fax me on 01244 2436112)

* Why 3,253.42% of business owners are focusing on the WRONG things in their emails (hint: I've just told you the answer)

* How doing a little "extra work" actually SAVES you time... and a boatload of mental agony

* PLUS... something else.
I forget what exactly. But it's GOOOOOOD.

* Want even MORE ideas? No problemo, mon brave! I'll show you how to NOT adapt this system to help you create compelling emails by stalking observing other people!

* WARNING!!! Are you ready to go "EXTREME"? Start practicing your safeword NOW because you'll need it for the "special bonus" transition exercise.

... and several other bits and bobs.

** For just one easy payment of £19 **

you get INSTANT access to:

- The full, unscripted, unpolished, AND poorly edited 75-minute waffle-fest recording of me walking you through the entire approach.

PLUS, you'll also get:

- The slide deck featuring my patented, two-tone, epilepsy friendly, "oh my god, would it kill you to use some colour, Holt?" design

PLUS PLUS, you'll also also get:

- The imaginatively named "spreadsheet template" (now with FIVE different colours), that'll save you AT LEAST the 38 seconds it would take you to create this masterpiece from scratch so you can capture your magnificent ideas!

But that's not all...

Oh, wait... it is.


That's it - the video, the slides, and the spreadsheet.

TL;DR - give me £19 and you'll never run out of things to talk about in your emails again.

You in?

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